5 Tips For Finding The Best Twitter Content


We all know that the key to being a follow-worthy tweep (twip?) is to share relevant, interesting and timely content that others want to read about. So how do you go about finding the very best, most tweetable information that the web has to offer? Read on to find out the top five tips that will have you sharing great Twitter content in no time.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great way to stay on top of the freshest content on the web. You need a Google account to get Google Alerts; this is really simple because a Google account is created using an existing email address. All of your Google Alerts are then directed to that email address. Alternatively, you can receive your alerts via RSS feed in Google Reader. Alerts are set up for specific key-words or sentences. For example, if you tweet about social media you might set up alerts for “Social Media”, “Twitter”, “Facebook”. To get even more specific and accurate results, you can use the Advanced Search Options and Search Operators. You can then choose how often you want to receive alerts (Once a Day, As It Happens or Once a Week) and which types of content you want to be alerted about (news, videos, blogs, everything…). Before I used Google Alerts for the multiple Twitter accounts that I am managing, I was constantly scouring Google and basically wasting precious time. Huge time saver and really valuable tool to use in concert with Twitter.

Use an RSS feed

You can easily set up an RSS feed with Google Reader (again, you need a Google account) or similar sites like Feedly or Reeder. An RSS feed is a great way to get the timely updates from the websites and blogs that you love the most. To get timely updates simply add the website URL to your RSS feed or click the RSS feed icon on the website you want to subscribe to. The reader will then display the latest news, downloads and updates that it finds from your chosen sites. This is a really good way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the news, or on that blog you follow, without actually having to navigate to each website individually. It presents you with all the most recent content, all in one place!

Use StumbleUpon, Delicious.com, and similar sites

There are lots of sites similar to Stumble Upon, but this is one I have had personal experience with and feel comfortable saying it’s a great tool for finding fun and tweetable web content. StumbleUpon adds a toolbar to your browser which acts as a “discovery search engine” or “social bookmarking site”. You hit the “Stumble” icon on the toolbar and it will find a webpages, video or article that is of interest to the user based on pre-selected preferences and categories. Choose categories and keywords related to your industry to find tweet-worthy information. It allows users to “vote” web content up or down, which helps Stumble Upon further narrow down the type of content that you want. Definitely a fun tool for randomly coming across great content you may not have found otherwise.

Subscribe to Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are used to organize Tweeps according to categories, interest and whatever else people choose. Everyone can create Twitter lists and add or remove people and there are websites devoted to finding and creating the best lists, for example, Listorious and Formulist. Lists are a great way of finding relevant Twitter content if you follow the right ones. For example, if you tweet about social media you would want to find quality Twitter lists devoted to individuals tweeting about Social Media, Twitter, Facebook and other SM keywords. You can then subscribe to that list and view all the updates from the tweeps that the list in question is following. It’s a great way to see what others in your industry are tweeting about, and might give you a lot of retweet worthy content, or links that you may want to share yourself.

Create your own content

The best way to have fresh, original Twitter content is to write or create it yourself. Whether it’s a graphic you have designed, an article you’ve written or a photo you have just shot, content that has been created by you is sure to be original and new. There are a countless amount of free blogging sites (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) and nowadays you can create a website for a few dollars and in a few short hours. So, instead of just perusing the Internet for hours on end, spend some of that time putting together your own content that can contribute to the social media sphere and hopefully help teach others a thing or two. Next thing you know, your content will be what people come across when they are looking for great stuff to tweet about!

Got any tips of your own that I missed? Any tricks on where to find the best content for social media? Let me know in the comments!


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