[POLL] What is the Value of a Masters in Instructional Design?

If you are an instructional designer (or a closely related job) I would like to know what you think the value of a Masters Degree in Instructional Design is. I am conducting this poll for an upcoming blog article I’ll be writing.

Please take a moment to answer.

Much appreciated!


6 thoughts on “[POLL] What is the Value of a Masters in Instructional Design?

  1. Bob Byrne says:

    I answered with “extremely valuable”, but I think that answer deserves some qualification. I know many very competent instructional designers that don’t have a graduate degree, so I’m certainly saying you need a Masters to become a good ID. In almost every case, however, I find myself thinking that these very good IDs could become very great IDs if they were to broaden and deepen their knowledge in areas such as learning theory, curriculum development, educational technology, and social media. These are things that should be taught in a quality graduate program in ID.

  2. Patrik Bergman (@patrikbergman) says:

    [corrected] The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. I would say you learn more from experience. Nothing in the text books can replace real-life decisions as an ID. But of course, courses like these can provide valuable background facts. In a professional workplace, people very seldom ask anything even remotely close to theoretical discussions and name dropping authors. They don’t care what Allen or Clark says. They just want a really great course.
    If any university creates a great Masters course in ID I highly recommend adding real-life hard decisions with stubborn SMEs to train the students on what is ahead.

  3. Eileen Cushing-Craig says:

    In a down economy, a Master’s degree can look mighty good on a resume. I am pursuing my Master’s degree for the love of learning, and to fulfill a personal goal, but also as a means of self-preservation in an always-churning job market.

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