Questions for an eLearning FAQ Document

When you have developed an eLearning course, the official launch is a very exciting time. However, before you make your online learning accessible to your learners, you should take the time to write a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document.

The FAQ document should be easy to find, for example, a link on the same page where they download the eLearning. The document should hold the answers to all the questions that your users might have about the course.

If you are selling your eLearning on a website, don’t forget to add, at the minimum, details about payment and a return or refund policy. You will also want to designate someone who will be in charge of answering questions and providing technical support should your users run into any issues. Provide an email address or a telephone number for the designated person.

Providing your users with a FAQ document will help maximize the eLearning experience. It can also potentially help you avoid replying to a hundred emails that ask “Why can’t I launch the eLearning on my computer?”, when all they need to do is allow pop-ups. Here I have compiled a thorough list of potential questions you may want to cover in your eLearning FAQ document, depending on the specifics of your project.

General Questions

  • What is an eLearning course?
  • How is an eLearning course different from instructor led training?
  • What is the level of interactivity?
  • Can I get a copy of all the slides shown in the eLearning?
  • How do I provide feedback about the eLearning?
  • Do I need any other books or materials to take the eLearning course?

Technical Requirements

  • What are the software & hardware requirements for taking the course?
    • Do I need an Internet connection?
    • Do I need audio/speakers to hear narration or sounds?
    • Which web browser can I view the course in? Firefox, I.E. 6?
    • Do I need the latest version of Flash Player to view the course?
    • Does Javascript need to be enabled?
    • What is the optimal screen resolution for this course?
    • Will the course get cut-off if I don’t have the correct resolution?
    • Do cookies need to be enabled?
    • Do I need any other plug-ins to view the eLearning?
    • Do I need to turn off pop-up blocker?
  • Can I download the eLearning course and view it offline?
  • Is technical support available?


  • How and where do I purchase the course?
  • What are the payment methods? (credit card, money order, etc.)
  • How much does a course cost?
  • Are discounts available if I purchase multiple courses?
  • Is there a return or refund policy?


  • How do I sign up for the eLearning course?
  • Once I’ve signed up, how long before I can start the course?
  • Where and how do I access the course? (website address, steps to login)
  • Can I access the eLearning from my house?
  • Is the course accessible on a tablet, such as iPad or Playbook?
  • How long do I have to complete the course – is there a time limit?
  • What if I forgot my login ID?
  • How do I reset my password?
  • I would like to let someone else use my account to view the course. Is that allowed?


  • What is the passing score?
  • Will my score be tracked online?
  • Will anyone else be notified of, or be able to view, my score?

Attempts & Time Limits

  • How much time is required to complete the course?
  • How many attempts do I get?
  • I want to stop and continue the course later. Can I do this?
  • What if I use all my attempts but don’t pass the course?


  • Will I get a certificate?
  • How and where do I get the certificate?
  • What does the certificate look like?

Don’t forget to offer an option for users to call or send an email, in case their question was not addressed in the FAQ.

Did I miss any other questions that should be included in an eLearning FAQ document? If so, please share them with others by leaving a comment.


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