15+ Certificate Designs for Your Inspiration

So you have developed the perfect eLearning course, the Learning Management System (LMS) is up and running… the only thing missing: your course certificate. Depending on the subject matter of your training, individuals might want or need documentation that proves that they have taken your course.

Designing and developing a certificate can sometimes be a task that falls on the to do list of eLearning developers and Instructional Designers. Other people who might be involved in the task of designing and developing a course certificate: management, a graphic designer, someone from the IT department.

Certain eLearning authoring tools offer built-in certificate features. These usually come with a wizard that guides you through an easy set up process.  In other cases, the certificate is retrieved through the LMS system. The assistance of a web developer may be required in such instances. For example, if you are using a certificate that is a dynamic PDF which automatically inserts the learner’s name into the file by accessing information stored in the LMS.

Since your learners are going to have the certificate framed and hanging over their desks, you might as well try to make it look as nice as possible! I have compiled a gallery of certificate designs to inspire you next time you need to create one.


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4 thoughts on “15+ Certificate Designs for Your Inspiration

  1. Leddy says:

    I loved this because we do incorporate an LMS system with all our online training and the certificates that print out are so plain, with no hilights of graphics to really display them. I would love to use this with our eLearning for the future since our LMS just got upgraded t oTMS (Talent Managment System). Maybe higher management can take a closer look at how we can utilize this in boosting morale to enjoy completing their training online.

  2. Zach says:

    I enjoyed the idea that we can send our people a nice completion certificate. I’ve also had some great success contracting graphic designers to make our certificates unique.

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