Create Your Own Graphics From Photos [Timelapse Video]

Check out the video link at the bottom of this post to see how I took the “before” image and turned it into the “after” graphic.

I saw this video concept a few years ago on YouTube… I was searching timelapse videos…which are really cool by the way, and definitely worth checking out in your spare time! Not until you finish this blog post though! Anyways, one of the videos I encountered was a timelapse of someone creating graphics and I thought it was really cool. So, fast forward two years, I just downloaded the Camtasia trial, and did a little bit of screen recording while I quickly created a graphic in Photoshop. Actually, the graphic took 36 minutes to complete, and I edited the video speed so the whole thing plays in about 3 minutes.

As you can see, the graphic itself could still use a bit of work (more details around the hands, bottom of the jacket, etc) and I probably would play around with the colours a bit more, but for the sake of the video, I tried to draw quickly!  The video is hosted on Screencast. I created a free account, watched the 4 minute demo video, and now I’m sharing my own videos in no time. Super handy. I was trying to share videos through Dropbox for hours to no avail, and I was started to get frustrated so I’m really glad @elearningguy told me about Screencast. So anyways, follow the link below to view the clip. And please leave me your comments!

Timelapse Video – Creating a Graphic

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