PowerPoint: Sample eLearning Storyboard Slides

Developing a storyboard is an important step in eLearning development. There is no right or wrong way to storyboard; developers and instructional designers use a variety of different templates and methods. Storyboards can easily be created in Word, PowerPoint or Photoshop. Custom storyboarding software also exists. I usually use PowerPoint for my storyboards, including the one I’ve included below. Here are a few slides from a sample storyboard I created.

Do you have any of your own tips for eLearning storyboarding? If so, please leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “PowerPoint: Sample eLearning Storyboard Slides

  1. Darren Smith says:

    Very nice layout.

    I would add my company logo and a © copyright info.

    I really like your slide design, typography and layout.

    It is nice to see some e-Learning with some decent graphic design.

  2. S Iyer says:

    Hi Nicole,

    These powerpoint slides are fantastic. I really liked the way you have put together all the inforamtion about the slide. Thanks very much for sharing these ideas!

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