Another Sample Storyboard for eLearning

I’ve noticed that the e-learning storyboard samples I posted a few weeks back were very popular. Since it’s a resource that a lot of instructional designers and e-learning developers are looking for online (or so my stats would indicate, in any case) I’ve decided to add another template/sample.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, what you include in your storyboard will depend on the specifics of your project. If you’re going to develop the course yourself, you may not need to include notes for the developer. If your project doesn’t use audio, you won’t need a box for narration text or the space to list audio files. It all depends on the project and what your client wants to see in the storyboard. As you can see, in my sample I’ve included a detailed preview of the completed slide. When someone else will be developing the content, I like to show a detailed preview of exactly what I’d like the slide to look like in it’s completed state, so there’s less room for confusion or misunderstandings. I hope these examples serve as inspiration for someone out there who needs to start storyboarding!


5 thoughts on “Another Sample Storyboard for eLearning

    • Nicole Legault says:

      Depends on the project. This was done in Captivate 5.5 but could also easily be done in PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline or even Photoshop, depending what software is available. It’s mostly just rectangle shapes and text. 🙂

      • MaryV says:

        The company I work for uses Google Apps for mail and collaboration. Whatever I do my storyboards in has to be able to be shared and edited by a team. Looking at yours, I may work on doing a template using the Presentation module. Thanks for the great ideas!

  1. MaryV says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I like adding the graphic view of the slide: I usually use a more tabular view with graphics on another page. I use a Google Apps spreadsheet for storyboarding because it gives me a lot of quick-access listing to ensure I have all the pieces necessary. Your system is very organized!

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