12+ Modern e-Learning Designs For Your Inspiration

I’m always perusing the web looking for e-learning, web, and graphic designs that catch my eye. When I find something that I like, I do a quick Snippit and save the images to an “e-Learning Inspiration” folder that I keep.  When I start a new project I can open up this folder and get tons of ideas. I thought I’d share some of what I consider to be the most eye-catching and fun designs from my “Inspiration” folder.  I’m hoping these samples will provide you with ideas for layout,  use of imagery and icons, colours, navigation, typography, etc. Below each image is a link to the original site. Hope you’re inspired!
















3 thoughts on “12+ Modern e-Learning Designs For Your Inspiration

  1. Ellen says:

    Nice overview. I see al lot of video in the eLearning, is that something you expect to grow more?

    Another thing that catch my eye, is that all seem to make a direct connection to practice, either by images (of working people), answering “how” questions or bluntly put “apply it” on the slide.

    Question: Navigation and progress are very different on the examples, and differ from very specific to almost non progress indication. IMO the duration of the course and the LMS play an important role in selecting the navigation and progress reporting, but somehow I feel that in all types of courses students prefer a minimum. Looking at these examples, I can not find it. Any thoughts?

  2. Sara Rice says:

    A LOT of these don’t look ‘modern.” It feels funny to say, but if something is from 2009 or 2010 and looks it, it’s not “modern” anymore — design trends change faster than that. They also look like they were designed by committee (although who am I to talk? I design very boring eLearning because no one at my organization cares about style or visual design).

    • Nicole Legault says:

      Valid points! So true that with anything related to technology, a few years old is ANCIENT!

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