How To Create Custom Shapes/Graphics in Articulate Storyline

Last week I shared custom shapes I created using Articulate Storyline in the e-Learning Heroes Forum. Community members seem to like the shapes (yay!), and I’ve since developed an obsession with creating custom shapes. In case you’re wondering what I mean by “custom shapes” I mean that using shapes that are available within Storyline I created the items you see below:

Free Office Themed Articulate Storyline Custom Shapes

Everything in the images was created by me (except the wood texture background) by using Storyline shapes. The fun part is because these graphics are just groups of shapes, you can de-construct them, change the colors, etc.

You can also do a right-click on the group, Save as Picture, and then save the shape as a .PNG file that can be used in other applications. It’s a fun way to extend the functionality of Storyline from an e-learning development tool to a graphic design tool.

All you need to do to create your own custom shapes is insert your individual shapes, line them up, and group them.  The image below breaks down how I created the pencil.


Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve now developed a bit of an obsession with creating fun new shapes. It’s given me all these ideas for fun projects and themes I can create using the shapes I’ve made. For example, I created a really cool looking desk phone (which I will share in a future post) and now I’m working on adding some functionality wherein you press numbers on the keypad, and it links to various slides. I also find that now I’m often challenging myself to see how far I can go “re-creating” simple items right in Storyline. My latest challenge was creating the Microsoft system calculator using shapes in Storyline. You almost can’t tell the difference between the two!


I made a few more shapes this weekend; I created a few folders, a notepad, and a clipboard. I’ve posted these files in the e-Learning Heroes forum as well, so feel free to download them and use them in your own projects. Here’s a photo of the new shapes:


I hope this has inspired some of you guys to create your own custom graphics in Storyline. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for future shapes or challenges for me — bring it on! Please feel free to leave me a comment or question and follow me on Twitter!


9 thoughts on “How To Create Custom Shapes/Graphics in Articulate Storyline

  1. Tim says:

    Great post Nicole! I these types of tips help big time for those who don’t have access to a more advanced graphic design program (i.e., Illustrator). I’ve been trying to use the graphic tools already built into Storyline/PowerPoint more often…it’s amazing what you can create with simple shapes.

  2. Cedric Smith says:

    Great post Nicole! It’s always nice to see new creative ways of using different software. I actually create a lot of my graphics in Illustrator, but it’s nice to have another tool that’s easy to use and may save some time. The only thing that would make this even better is if Storyline was free. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Nicole Legault says:

      Awesome Matt! I’m really glad to hear you found it useful 🙂 Hope you’ll love using Storyline as much as I do!

  3. Tamala Freeman says:

    You are awesome Nicole! Your blog has inspired me to enter the world of e-learning. I hope that one day, I will be as half as good of a designer as you are. Keep the great posts coming!

    • Nicole Legault says:

      Thank you so much for the awesome comment Tamala… I’m beyond flattered that I could inspire you! Good luck with your venture into the world of e-learning!

  4. Jeff Clay says:

    These are great, and saw them on the Articulate boards, but I won’t download them…it’s too much fun trying to recreate them myself. Now we just need the shape combine/subtract functions from PowerPoint added to Storyline, and we can really have fun designing…

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