Quick Tip for Creating Call Center Characters in Storyline

Have you ever used Storyline and thought “I’d love to use those photographic characters, but I really need someone with a headset…” I recently came across this dilemma myself.

I considered buying a character pack from a stock photo site, but it’s pretty expensive — especially if you only need a few poses. I wanted to work with the resources I had available. So the solution I came up with?


How did I find this solution? I found this headset graphic, inserted it into my Storyline file, placed it over top of the character image, resized it,  rotated it slightly… and voila! Atsumi, the Storyline character, now has a headset! It should be noted that this trick doesn’t work with every pose; the side and angled shots are not ideal for this; but there are a good amount of poses it does work with.


So there you have it: a quick and easy way to transform your existing Storyline character into a telephone sales associate or call centre representative. Hope this trick can come in handy for someone else!

Got any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below, or shout-out to me on Twitter. And one more thing — since you’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, perhaps you should subscribe to my blog!


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