Infographic: The Principles of Adult Learning

Disclaimer: there is no proven adult learning theory and the information in the infographic I created below is subject to much debate and differing opinions.


26 thoughts on “Infographic: The Principles of Adult Learning

  1. Isabella says:

    The principles are so simple but often have we, as training professionals, ignored it when designing courses – we tend to tell…

  2. Andrew says:

    This is so much better than “telling” an audience what they came to learn by way of a PowerPoint slide and yawn show. Once the infographic is developed using specific content how is it delivered? Is it a web page for the viewer(s) to scroll through from top to bottom reviewing the infographic material? I am a corporate trainer and having this type of presentation for employee training would be great. Very visual, colorful, and just the opposite of the traditional PowerPoint slide show.

  3. Zeresoft says:

    Nice infographic. We believe that education is a lifelong process. We are currently developing an online management system. We can also use this for others to have an idea. Through this simple, yet powerful infographic, we believe that you can empower more people to learn again.

  4. kakief says:

    HI Nicole, the way you designed this is brilliant. I try to use these principles as a leader and in past roles when I used to design training and present at conferences. You did a fabulous job capturing it, nice work!

  5. Allison Rossett (@arossett) says:

    I too like the infographic. It’s the content with which I wish to quibble.

    Adults and children do not learn differently. Oh, they are moved by different matters and content (kids and dinosaurs, for example; adults are keen on cars and jobs, for example). But inherently, learning theory is learning theory and adults and children are moved by relevance, action, meaning and application.

    Even Malcom Knowles, father of adult learning, came around to see it this way.

    • Nicole Legault says:

      Allison — I do not wish to start any quibbles, only to present content in a visually appealing and fun way! 🙂

  6. calbin says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I like your infographic on Adult Learning Principles. It is clear and concise and contains great information. I am doing some training with 5 co-workers on Adult Learning principles and would love to use it with them. Would this be okay?


  7. Chris says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I love this infographic and would like to share the link with my colleagues in my L&D department. But because we’re based in China, most of us can’t access this site without some special software. WordPress is blocked in China you see.

    Is there any way you could share this on Linked In or Sina Weibo so the many L&D people in China can access it?


    • Nicole Legault says:

      Hi Chris – Sorry for the delay, but I’ve just shared the infographic on Linkedin. If we’re connected you should now be able to view it through my profile. Thanks!

  8. Tania says:

    That’s great! I’m completely agree, because in some situacions, for instance, I need why I’m learning and why that is usefull for myself.
    About the infographic, it’s really clear and concise. It contains a true and usefull information about how or what we need to learn.

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